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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

$100 Laptop

By now we have all heard this $100 laptop. But now we actually have photo's of working units.
When I first saw the design specs when this laptop came into idea, I was amazed the design. I thought wow a laptop that looks like a full functioning machine that I could use with out worries of breaking it or getting it stolen.

It turns out my laptop dream, has gone down the drain. Even from a while ago I realized that these were going to be children's laptops but I never thought they would look so childish and small.

One day, we can only hope that they will make a slightly bigger adult version with out the silly colors for the same price. Then I would so get one.

Anyways, I just can't really see this working out. As one news article points out, you can ship a Pentium 4 laptop for just over $100 to Africa. ( I wonder where they are getting these laptops? I want one)

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