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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

AMD Releases Power Saving Chips

"Many analysts expect Intel to regain its advantage when it launches its 65-nanometer Core 2 Duo chips this summer, including the Woodcrest chip for servers and Conroe chip for desktops. These AMD chips are built on a larger, 90-nanometer geometry, but offer better power efficiency, the company says.

Running at top speed, AMD's standard desktop processors draw 89 watts, while the new line of energy-efficient chips will need either 65 or 35 watts, depending on the model.

PC vendors could use the chips to design smaller, quieter computers, since the improved performance-per-watt means they can use smaller, slower fans for cooling.

"The heat, acoustics, and fan speed all decrease. That is key whether IT managers are taking care of a fleet of systems, or people are trying to fit an unobtrusive PC into their living room or bedroom," Schwarzbach said."

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