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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Apple's New Mac Book

"MacBook completes Apple's switch to Intel
By Rhys Blakely

Apple today unveiled the MacBook, the long-awaited replacement for its iBook laptop computer, aimed at rivalling the products of rivals Dell and Hewlett-Packard.

The new model, one of the latest generation of Macs which are powered by Intel processors, starts at £749 for a white 1.83 GHz version, rising to £1,029 for a more powerful, top-of-the range - and black - 2.0 GHz model.

With a price tag around half that of the MacBook Pro model that is already on the market, Apple hopes that the MacBook, aimed at students and families, will build on the massive popularity of its iPod music player and mount a renewed challenge to the world's leading computer makers.

The company has promised that the MacBook is up to five times faster than the iBook it replaces - it is also, at only one inch deep, 20 per cent thinner. "

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