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Saturday, May 27, 2006

Microsoft's Replacement for the JPEG Image

I know that the news has been cycling around Microsoft's new image format. The WiMP. When I first read the Headline, I said to myself that's crazy. How can you change the standard JPEG format. Then ignored the Headlines for the last couple of days.

After now reading an article about it, this made my frustration with Microsoft grow even higher than it all ready is. They are only creating it to make money off the licensing costs and for people to upgrade to Vista. (Linux compatible? I don't think so)

Unless I want to shell out $800 or so to upgrade my computer to Vista standards, I am not upgrading.

How about a Open Source Standard Image. How about standard image file that almost everyone uses.

What do you know, we all ready have the JPEG image format.

I just hope that this WiMP format is no success.

This is only Another Way Microsoft can rule the World.

One Final statement.
Linux is going to put Microsoft into its Grave.
(We can only Hope)


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