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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Cool Free Game

A Great new, free game has arrived!
(well its been around for a little while)


The game has basically two sides, the humans against the aliens,
or vice versa. Both sides have there advantages and disadvantages.
Although it is really is up to you to decide what team is better for you.

The mission of each team is to destroy a certain object to win, while
the other team defends. Also a note to point out, is that the game is completely
multiplayer and it sometimes takes a great amount of effort to win.
The player must think about a plan of action before proceeding
into the enemy base or they will likely be killed.

Anyways, I could really see this working well at Lan Party's, sense
there is no cost to the game and runs well on my old graphics card.

Also, the great part about the game is that it is open source
and runs on either Windows or Linux.

Don't think oh, just another dumb old free game,
it is actually very good and is worth a try.

Get it at


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