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Monday, June 12, 2006

Goggle Earth Gone Nuts?

Has Goggle gone nuts by updating their Satellite maps for Edmonton?
I was just checking it out again and looking at my city and noticed it updated it self
for the worse.

(click for larger)

I mean just check out this image of West Edmonton Mall, half of it is snow covered while the other half has no snow. I think I know there plan, they want every one to think we Canadians are Eskimos living in igloos. According to these updates, we do.

Now anyways, the main point of the post is think before you do anything.
Cause it applies to this situation here. Do you think your going to have great pictures if there is snow on the ground, and you can hardly make out any building. It doesn't take a Guinness to figure that out.

Please Note:
I am not trying to be critical of Google in any way, I just thought it was kind of funny, that they would update their maps during the winter.


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