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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Linux Is Insecure?

According to Linux Watch, Linux is just as insecure as any other OS.

"All software is insecure"
-a quote from the article-

I believe them.
Why do you think Microsoft is always in the news about some virus, or security concern.
Is it because they are more insecure or just that probably about 90% of the population uses their operating system. When so few people use Linux compared to Microsoft, do you really think that the Newspaper is going to display a headline like this:

"Major Security Flaw in Linux!"

People will be inclined to read about an OS
that 90% of people use.

"New Virus destroys all Machines that Run Xp!"

Now having something like that, would make people read it.
No Newspaper is ever going to have a head line about Linux
having a security Flaw.

Even though all software is insecure, you are still better off using Linux though.

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