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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Microsoft Can't Patch Flaw in Windows 98, ME

According to PcWorld
Microsoft is no longer supporting 98 even when critical security flaws are found.
This is greatly disturbs me. My older laptop runs 98 and only has 128MB of ram.
I tried putting XP on it but it ran to slow. Even with its completely dead battery and 128MB of ram I still use it a fair amount. If I can't upgrade to a new Windows OS or put the one and only Linux distribution I like on it (Ubuntu), What am I suppose to do? Just sit back and let my computer be hacker infested, I don't think so.

My Final Words!

Shame on you Microsoft!

This is just another reason I am not upgrading to Vista on my main machine! I sure hope you don't do the same with XP!


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