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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Oblivion vs BattleField2

If your into gaming like I am, you might have heard a lot about the system requirements for Oblivion being very high. While looking at Battle Field 2, there requirements are not so high. When I bought Oblivion for my computer I was hoping that it would run will with my Sapphire X700. Surprisingly it ran much better than I thought that it would with my low end computer. I had it it set 1024 by 786, all settings maxed with anti aliasing 4x on. I must admit sometimes when singing you mouse around fast, it freezes just a bit, but really no other problems than that. When you compare battlefield 2 settings, they are a lot less, and in order to get it to function smoothly you must set the resolution to 1024 by 768 with A.A. on 2x with settings not so high. Then it will run at an acceptable rate.

So why on earth can I run oblivion so will especially with such higher requirements and not my battlefield 2 game?



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